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Bandz... Are They For Both Men and Women?

Do you think Booty Bandz are just “for women”? Any man would be crazy to think these Bandz are anything but SERIOUS equipment. Booty Bandz are a critical strength trainer that brings simple body building techniques to the fore front. No hiding behind fancy equipment. Clean proven technique is the challenge here. Booty Bandz have the ability to turn the entire world into a hardcore gym. No need for bulky equipment, gym memberships, or changing your routine when traveling. Bandz give any man the flexibility and convenience of an intense full body workout that fits in the palm of your hand. No other product offers the resistance and strength building for muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone health in a convenient...

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Dreams Come True!

Ladies are you ready to get the Booty of your Dreams? Booty Bandz are the secret to targeting and shaping your booty and enhance your assets. What’s the best part? They are easy to use, portable, and effective even when you squeeze in a few reps at a time throughout your day. Anyone can squeeze in a few minutes a couple times a day to see results! There are numerous exercises that use Booty Bandz to tighten, shape, and firm your booty with no gym membership required. AND Booty Bandz can be used to target inner thighs, abs, arms, or even your entire body by modifying key body weight movements into resistance training challenges with the help of Booty Bandz....

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The New Craze!! "Booty Bandz"

are YOUR secret weapon for a killer physique. Ever think you could build a body like you spend hours in the gym lifting…. But YOU know that resistance is the key to building a strong body, not just strong muscles. Strength needs flexibility and Booty Bandz help build muscles, strengthen connective tissue, and provide the resistance needed to maintain bone health. Booty Bandz go anywhere and can be used for more exercises than a set of dumbbells ever could. Take your Booty Bandz with you on a run for a killer warm up, cool down, or cross-training mid-run. Booty Bandz can fit into a travel bag and go anywhere, on business or pleasure trips, to provide a continuous fitness level...

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The Booty Bandz | Portability & Versatility

Lisa Smith is the latest gorgeous fitness star to fall in love with Booty Bandz! Lisa is always looking for the best way to keep active, strong, and looking amazing. The latest weapon in her arsenal is Booty Bandz. Booty Bandz are the best resistance bands that have come to the market to date. Booty Bandz make any bodyweight workout the best challenge you can find!  Lisa works hard to look and FEEL confident, and Booty Bandz are her secret. The resistance of the Bandz along with the portability and versatility make it possible for Lisa to squeeze in a quick work out multiple times throughout the day when she is too busy to make it to the gym. With Booty Bandz, there...

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